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Get the tarps at cheapest rates and protect your boats during winterization

At tufcoat we know transporting large, valuable; goods can be an intimidating prospect. From a private owner moving their boat, to a large manufacturer shipping key components, all senders will want to ensure their goods arrive at their destination in the exact condition they left site in.

Dirty rain, kicked up mud and flying stone chips can, in a best case situation, cause purely artistic problems. Even if the goods are undamaged, arriving on site dirty and in need of a clean can give the wrong first impression to end clients as well as creating more work during the unloading process.

Even though tarps are definitely the cheapest short run option for winter storage, you run into several advantages when choosing tarps as a method of winter storage.The advantages of shrink wrapping is mainly in its convenience and ability to protect your boat.

Shrink wrapping seals your boat from the elements, keeping it in original condition over the winter. Oftentimes, the shrink wrapping company will store your boat over the winter as well and even prepare it for use in the spring, furthering the convenience of this option.

With shrink wrapping, each scenario is different. This is great because it ensures rain does not enter the cover. However, this also makes the shrink wrap non breathable, meaning that if any moisture is under the cover, it is trapped there.

This can cause mold and mildew, which have the ability to severely damage your boat if not taken care of properly. If you choose shrink wrap, you should make sure vents are fitted to allow proper breathability.

Advantages of having the boat cover to keep your boat safe and secure

The major advantage of having a boat cover is that you can use it season after season. It may be more of an investment than a single shrink-wrapping, but a good quality cover will last you for years to come.

When the cover is secured down and supported properly, it will extend the life of your boat by allowing water and snow to run off properly. A nice cover will offer protection from the sun’s rays as well, keeping your boat looking shiny and new.

Tarps are used to safeguard your boats during heavy winter and storm. The weight of the boat cans easily strength a jack stand base deep into mud, sand, or asphalt. Even clay that seems brick hard can become a quagmire in heavy spring rains, allowing stands to loosen, shift, and spill the boat.

Placing a sheet of plywood under each base and using safety chains to connect the stands will help to alleviate the support upon which your boat rests. Jack stands stabilize the boat, but most of the boats weight typically rests on its keel.

If the executive isn’t accustomed with your boat, check your manual or contact the manufacturer. You will pay every year to shrink wrap your boat and the price depends on the length and type of boat you have.

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