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Save your boats during the time of winterization with best care

Care must be taken in attaching the frame to the boat. Both to keep from damaging the boat and to make sure the frame stays in place. Storage on lifts can be the best of both worlds, with most of the advantages of hardstand storage while still allowing you to use your boat when the weather is balmy. A cover is even more important for a boat stored on a lift. As with boats stored on the hard, the hull is uncovered to the air, so make sure to winterize well before the freezing temperatures arrive. Metal is also used for some frames. Electrical conduit is widely available and cheap. Several companies make clamps and fixtures to make building the frame even easier. If you have a requirement that we cannot meet from our stocked product then we may be able to manufacture a custom product to your requirement. Another frame option is PVC tubing. Ingenious frames have been designed and it is built using the wide variety of PVC fittings available. Many of the joints are captured in place with screws, allowing disassembly and storing in the spring.

boat shrink wrap

Hindrance of airflow in the boat and keeps your boat in benign condition

boat shirnk wrap

Vents should be added after the wrap is in place. This allows airflow into the boat and helps prevent mildew and condensation. If you want access to the boats interior, a zippered door is available. Most tarps are made from sheet plastic with some kind of supporting grid fused in place. Marine stores have shrink-wrapping kits available. They contain everything from the film, to the propane heater and even a video of how to do the wrapping. Often numerous boaters will band together and buy one kit and extra film, splitting the costs. Several things need to be done before the actual shrink-wrapping takes place. All sharp corners should be lengthened so as not to tear the film. Carpet scraps or foam taped in place work well. If you have portable antennas, place a length of PVC pipe over them when folded. This will prevent the shrink-wrap film from bonding around the antenna. The blue tarps are the most common, cheapest and shortest lived. A step up from the blue tarps is the white ones. The top performers are the silver or black tarps. While still reinforced plastic, they will hold up for several years, most likely from the enhanced resistance to UV degradation. Many boats will require some sort of frame to support a winter cover. These frames support the cover above the deck, allowing water, snow and ice to slide off easily. Wood frames are common. Sometimes they are simply appended together from cheap lumber and torn down in the spring. Often they are intricate structures, assembled and disassembled year after year. With shrink-wrapping the boat is covered with plastic film that is strapped in place and then shrunk with a propane burner. You can have a shrink-wrapping firm do the trade for you or you can do it yourself.

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